Ethics in the Workplace


AGU has established a set of guidelines for scientific integrity and professional ethics for the actions of the members and the governance of the union in its internal activities; in its public persona; and most importantly, in the research and peer review processes of its scientific publications, its communications and outreach, and its scientific meetings.

Sexual Harassment

If you need to report an allegation of harassment by an AGU member, author, or individuals in connection with AGU-sponsored activities (publications,conferences or events, and other official duties), it must be submitted in writing either directly to the chair of the Ethics Committee or to
AGU recognizes that an allegation of harassment is not itself proof of harassment. Whenever possible AGU will observe strict confidentiality when an allegation is reported until the investigation process has been completed and a ruling by the governing body has been made, at which point confidentiality may or may not be preserved, depending on the case and the findings.