Academia Sector


The academic sector is comprised of university faculty, K-12 teachers, researchers and scientists.


Though technical knowledge is important, communication skills are crucial.  Being able to effectively communicate your research to fellow geoscientists or train the next generation of STEM scientists requires solid presentation skills, good teamwork, and time management.


Qualifications for academic occupations will vary depending on the level of the position.  Depending on the state, K-12 educators may only need a bachelor’s degree.  For some research assistant and technician jobs, you may qualify with a master’s degree, but for most academic positions, you will need a Ph.D.

Occupations in the academia Sector

  1. Mechanical Engineer
  2. Outreach Specialist
  3. Professor

How to Find Academia Jobs

You can find a wide variety of academic positions through AGU’s job listing.  Attending conferences and networking with peers will also make it easier to discover new positions and research the job market.