Government Sector


Government positions are also known as the public sector.   These positions can range from the federal and state levels, all the way down to municipalities.  Agencies and organizations like NOAA, NASA, and USGS all fall under this category.

Occupations in this sector include those from the science field, such as astronomers, atmospheric scientists, geologists, geochemists, geophysicists, hydrologists, oceanographers, and planetary scientists, as well as many others.  In addition to the science field, occupations in the government sector may include engineers, lawyers, project managers, analysts, technicians, computer scientists, public policy positions, and communications specialists.


Technical skills for government jobs will vary based upon the specific field, but certain “soft skills” are applicable across an array of occupations.  Careers in Government put together a list of some basic soft skills that can help pave the way to landing a job in the public sector:

  1. Communication in all forms
  2. Non-technical analysis and research
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Time management
  5. Adaptability to multicultural/multilingual environment
  6. The ability to multitask
  7. Being a solutions provider
  8. Team player


Your qualification for a position will largely depend on your level of education.  Though there are some technician positions available with only a bachelor’s degree or less, most government positions will require a Ph.D. or master’s degree.

How to Find Government Jobs

The most common job portal to find government jobs is, but you may also be able to find job listings posted on specific agencies’ websites.


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