Nonprofit Sector


Non-profits exist in a position between the public and private sector and often operate through funding provided by a combination of the public and private sectors.  Non-profit positions can be found in any field: science, education, medicine, law and public policy, business or engineering.


Technical skills will vary based upon the specific field, but certain “soft skills” are applicable across an array of occupations.  Here is a list of some basic soft skills that can help pave the way to landing a job in the public sector:

  1. Communication in all forms
  2. Non-technical analysis and research
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Time management
  5. Adaptability to multicultural/multilingual environment
  6. The ability to multitask
  7. Being a solutions provider
  8. Team player


Though your qualification for a position will largely depend on your level of education, most entry level positions will require at least a bachelor’s degree.

Occupations in the nonprofit Sector

  1. Entrepreneur
  2. Oceanographer
  3. Outreach Specialist


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